Speaking & Coaching

Through FALCON perspective, Justin Hoagland (Hoagie) coaches motivated individuals on a one-to-one basis and is available for speaking engagements as a resilience, mindset, and team specialist.


The FALCON perspective

The ABCs of FALCON perspective

  • Develop your consciousness.
  • Perception is reality.
  • How do you view yourself versus how everybody else views you?
  • The present moment is reality.
  • Your feelings are real, but you choose how to show up.
  • How do you choose to show up?
  • True strength comes with choice.
  • Nobody cares about what you used to be able to do.
  • What are you capable of now?

Standard of Team

Be the teammate that you wish you had.

Be authentic and communicate clearly.

Would a former teammate of yours choose to have you on their team again?

About Justin Hoagland

Hoagie is a combat veteran and retired Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Operator. He served as a NSW combatives instructor and NSW Sniper instructor in the United States Navy. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis from Norwich University. He is pursuing a Master of Science in Sport Psychology from National University.

Justin Hoagland is the Director of Mental Health Services for SEAL Future Foundation. He draws from his broad background and educates transitioning Navy SEALs about the health challenges caused by operator syndrome. He has engaged with over 500 Special Operators in long-format conversations. He has over 2,000 hours of conversational experience speaking with veterans and their family members.

Along with extensive one-on-one conversational and coaching experience, Hoagie engages as a speaker for combat veterans, Special Operators, U.S. Special Forces, military special operation candidates, NFL Players, collegiate coaches and athletes, high school coaches and athletes, private equity firms, sales teams, clinical psychologists, medical doctors, and nurses. He has supported raising over $2.3 million by speaking on stage to donors at fundraiser events. He is proficient on stage as a keynote speaker and in intimate, small team settings.

“ The most captivating speakers are those that tell their story from the first perspective. Justin has real-life, first-hand experience overcoming some of life’s greatest challenges. He speaks from a place of vulnerability, honesty, and credibility, and what he speaks on is applicable to everyone who listens, even to the most diverse of audiences. There were many takeaways I could apply to my own experiences as a 7-year NFL veteran and the difficulties transitioning away from football on to the next phase of life. If you get the chance to hear Justin’s story, it is worth the listen.”

Spencer Long
NFL Veteran

“Justin had his audience riveted during our mentorship session as he shared from his incredible life story and from his experiences in the SEAL Teams. His passion for mentoring the next generation of warriors is evident through his inspiring life and how he continues to fight hard to make an impact in the world - despite setbacks and challenges. He is the real deal and tells it like it is, sharing genuinely from his heart. We cannot wait to have him back!”

Joe Kauffman
The Warrior Calling

“Hearing Justin share his hard-earned experience in practical terms humbled and motivated our team to serve others in ways that we had not necessarily considered. His examples of selfless service and servant leadership were inspiring. Thank you, Justin, for challenging our team to think differently.”

Ted Kramer
President & CEO of HKW

“I greatly appreciate Justin sharing his knowledge and experience with my Applications in Tactical Strength and Conditioning Class. He shared profound real-world lessons in an engaging way that kept students engaged and intrigued to ask questions. Justin's candid style and humor won over the class quickly, and to no surprise, he received the highest rating of all our speakers during the semester. I look forward to bringing him back as a guest speaker next year, and if you can get him into your organization or event, I recommend doing it before someone else books him.”

Scott Caulfield, MA
Director, Strength and Conditioning
Norwich University

“I've had the privilege of spending time with Justin Hoagland and shared his incredible journey and wisdom, and it's nothing short of inspiring. Despite facing the challenges of multiple sclerosis, Justin embodies resilience and determination like no other. His story is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Through his captivating talks, Justin not only imparts invaluable life lessons but also leaves you with a profound sense of empowerment. His ability to connect with his audience is truly remarkable, and you can't help but be moved by his authenticity and passion. His unwavering commitment to helping others find their inner strength and overcome obstacles is both heartwarming and life-changing. I highly recommend Justin as a motivational speaker/coach to anyone looking for a powerful and transformative experience.”

Dr. Bronner Handwerger, NMD
Naturopathic Medical Doctor

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